Friday, June 6, 2008

Enforced exercise...

My newest dog Corky somehow got out of her collar when she was out with Dinny. Then right as I caught up to her, before I could get her on the lead my phone rang. It seemed that he had let my Keeshond Danny out the door without benefit of a chain or leash.

While I went on to catch her, I expected Ken to have caught up with Danny. In fact, he called to tell me Danny was at the apartments across the street from our house. I was a house away from the apartments when I spied Danny.

I called him, but he kept meandering in and out of bushes and underbrush. I didn't hear my dear hubby, nor did I see him. In fact, I called him and didn't hear the phone ring at all. Corky and I followed Danny back down the hill.

Finally, he spotted Corky and came to us. I walked bent over back up the hill in the field behind the houses and apartments. Still no Ken. I called him again as I finally got back to the house I started at when I spyed Danny.

I swear it seemed like an eternity before Ken came down the hill and snapped Danny's chain on him.

Now back home and I am sweating like a pig. I fell down on my way down the hill when the sidewalk took a sudden dip. I think I did something to my left hand under the thumb by the wrist. I better get some ice on it. RS

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