Sunday, June 1, 2008

Defeating Writers Block

Lately, I haven't had time for writers block.

If one story is stalled, I begin another or work on one in progress.

I continue to write pieces of flash for the FlashXrs...these prompts are given on Tues, Fri and Sun. Though at times the prompt doesn't seem to call up my muse or is that the voice in my head. I try to write something in its place.

A friend from my Writer's Group is great at throwing out prompts. I try to do these as well.

Though Poetry month is over... If all else fails, I can write a poem. I am still trying to work out the last poetry challenge from my friend. It is difficult for me. Since you might want to try it, here it is: Write a poem to your favorite song. Using the same meter and cadence. Good luck with this.

Usually after creating the shorter pieces of fiction, I am able to go back to my longer works. I have been averaging a page or more a day on my H4H story.

I have been taking weekends off, except for the flash challenges.

I find it helps to get away from the house and this computer. I have been spending time at a local coffee shop, writing or critiquing.

I, also, am an avid reader. I read just about anything, but my TBR (to be read) pile is getting larger, since I have been spending less time on reading.

I am currently reading the latest H4H book...Recreating John Doe by Ahn Leod. It is from Ellora's Cave, so if you download it expect sex. I like the story... I am only up to chapter 3 at this time. It is difficult to read sitting in front of my computer without writing, so my lack of progress isn't the authors fault.

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Heather Hiestand said...

I'm glad you are enjoying Recreating John Doe, and good luck with your own story!