Saturday, May 10, 2008

Writing & Inspiration

Okay, I wrote another piece for the FlashXrs, called Writer's Block.

I was having writer's block and the prompt wasn't giving me anything. The only word in the prompt that kept calling to me was 'wrote'. So, I went with that and came up with Writer's Block. I am a little warped in most my writing so it doesn't exactly go where you might think it would. Still, I think it is a funny little piece if I do say so myself.

Sometimes, it is the little things that inspire us. This time it was my writer's block. It doesn't always come easy when using a prompt. You should attempt to use the idea that pops into your head and see if that takes you where you want to be, sometimes it will. Other times you will find yourself with something different. You, at least have written something.

The more writing you do, the easier it becomes. If the piece is not well written, that is what editing, proofing and critiques are for. Remember not all the stuff you write will be published. Keep on writing. And do forget to submit your stuff.-RL

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