Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Setting Up The New Computer
Last night and today, I have been setting up this new computer. This computer is mainly for work, my writing that is. My husband decided to get me my own computer, since I have become serious about writing.
I was supposed to wait for him to set it up and install the programs, but I got tired of waiting. Who needs a man anyway? Certainly not me, at least for this purpose. Still, it's certainly nice to have him around.
So the computer is set up minus Corel Draw, we need to find an older full version. Just a matter of locating it. And, yes, I do draw, but mainly on the computer. It is easier to fix mistakes on it.
Still the main purpose of this computer is to write, so that is what I am doing. I finished another piece of flash fiction for the Flashxers Yahoo Group. I, wrote another poem. Which you can see on my other blog, Writer's Quest. Well, you can as soon as I get it posted.
My two female dogs have been going around and around today. I thought, I had the fight broken up with Molly and Corky going to different rooms. I reached down to direct Corky and Molly lunged at her and bit me. I know, stupid of me to get between them when they were still in fighting mode.
I am going to leave you on that note. Don't forget to write!

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