Saturday, May 24, 2008

I have done so much since my last post. I probably won't be posting on this page as frequently. blogging cuts into my writing time...Really, that is a bad thing.

Let's see...

The Cleveland Rocks NEORWA Writer's Conference was great. I learned so much. See my other blog for details at

The Y-City Writer's are going to be busy. We are hosting Open Mic Night at Java House on Maple Avenue. Looks like we may be doing the same beginning in July at the Lady Bug Coffee Gallery. In October, we are going to be hosting our own writer's conference. We are just in the beginning talk stage on this. Hopefully, this will leave everyone time to write. For me, I'll just continue to neglect housework.

I went to check out the Lady Bug Coffee Gallery. It is a peaceful atmosphere for writing. If one should tire of writing observing the other patrons is always an option. Just remember to jot down mannerisms, or quirks you find interesting.

Yes, I am writing... I have refocused my energies on Saving Beauty, my Hunters For Hire story. After meeting with two of the editors from Ellora's Cave, I think this will be a good place to start my career.

I am still submitting my short stories...Waiting on replies now.

The kittens are getting so big. Soon, I won't be able to lift them with one hand. I wish they would stay babies forever. They are so much fun to watch frolicking throughout the house. Corky still tries to carry them around, but I think she is getting frustrated that they just get up and leave after she has went to the effort of moving them.

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