Monday, April 28, 2008

Today's Poetic Asides challenge at is to write a sestina. The formula is a little different than the one I posted, but basically it's the same. Since, I have talked about sestinas before I thought you might like to see my second attempt.

In My Garden

The garden is filled with flowers.
I love to sit and breathe the air.
Fluffy white clouds fill the sky.
What a good time to fall in love.
Baby birds will soon begin to fly.
Oh, what a beautiful day.

I think of being in the sky
on this gorgeous day.
From inside I hear my love
so I bring him my lovely flowers.
Their lovely scent fills the air.
This is what it's like to fly.

Outside again, a plane does fly
higher and higher into the sky.
A plume of smoke mars the air,
but it doesn't touch this lovely day.
I stop and pick some more flowers.
This time for me and not my love.

I sit in this garden that I love,
and dream about what it's like to fly.
As I gaze upon my flowers,
I sit and admire the sky.
I have so much to do on this day,
but now I just breathe the fresh air.

While I sit and take in the air,
outside comes my love
who reminds me to enjoy my day,
before telling me it's time to fly.
I wish I could take to the sky
and gaze upon the trees of flowers.

I love flowers whose scents fills the air.
I dream of the sky with my own true love.
Together we dream that we can fly on this spring day.

Here I sit and admire the day,
while I smell the fresh scent of flowers.
I watch the birds fly,
beginning to fill the air
with sounds of love
high up in the sky.

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