Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still hitting myself on the head for yesterdays incident. It wasn't the first time I did this. It probably won't be the last. I could only hope that I never repeat my mistakes, but time doesn't seem to have taught me much. I ain't the the brightest bulb.

Today, I have been dropping things. I broke a cute little flower pot. I didn't break my water glass, but I sure did try. It landed really hard on the floor, which is concrete. I hate it when my hands forget what they are doing.

I was productive today. I cleaned the carpet, now I can only pray that my dogs don't use the carpet anymore.

The kittens are getting around the house. Right now I am fighting Renegade, who keeps trying to climb on the keyboard. I keep telling the kittens, they are too young to surf the net.

Ken is home and trying to work his puzzles, but the kittens keep interfering. It is funny. He wanted them to pay attention to him and they are.

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