Friday, April 25, 2008

My husband bought me a little green machine to help combat my two dogs that feel the house is fair game for their potty breaks. It is small enough that I can lift it. Which is always good when one has arthritis and muscles that forget their function. I tried it out and it's easy to use. Clean-up of the machine and attachments is easy, too.

Tomorrow is the Coshocton Writers Conference. I am looking forward to going. This will be my first writing conference, though I have been to many conferences as a social worker. This time I will be taking notes, where as in the past I was there for the certificates. I know that sounds bad, but I rarely attended a conference that gave me new information. I am sure that the writers conference will be very different.

April Poetry Month is almost over. I have managed to write a poem daily. I feel proud of myself. I know many of the poems need to be polished, but I did put pen to paper and write them.

Tomorrow is the 24 hour short story writing contest. I have entered this too. I didn't look at my calender until after I had signed up. So when I return from the conference, I will be writing. As well, as writing the poem for tomorrow.

I like being busy.

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