Thursday, April 3, 2008

In honor of National Poetry Month Writers Digest has issued a challenge to write a poem a day.
Go to for hints and prompts.

As you might surmise I am try to write something everyday even if it is not my stories. I think this helps keep my mind working so that I can keep on writing. This poetry challenge is definitely challenging to my brain. I am trying... But I am not neglecting T.D. or H4H, during this time.

The people in Y-City Writers are a very interesting group of people. I am very glad that I attended that first meeting. If I hadn't I would never have met them. When we are all together there is no lack of stimulating conversation. This feels so good, since I am a talkative person whose main conversations are with my pets. I know, I am a homebody, but now I get out with these wonderful people twice a month.

Have a great day! Rita

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