Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have been to Chilli town and back again today. I had four reasons to go there.

1. To see my family.

2. To have my annual birthday lunch with my sister... We take my brother and his wife, too. Our birthdays are within three days of each other. Or as Karen says, "A year and three days. You're older!"

3. To pick up Dinny. He went for a visit with my brother for his 16 year old's birthday wish. Din used to be their dog, but circumstances not under our control made Din mine. Boy did I miss him. Yes, in a house with three other dogs and two cats, it is still possible to miss one. Plus, my house was much too quiet.

4. I needed to choose a kitten for my husband. All five were so cute. I ended up choosing the two dark ones. We will be calling them Renegade and Artemis or Ren and Artie for short.

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