Monday, March 31, 2008

Working on...

I have managed to work on my other story, Saving Beauty-A Hunter's For Hire story. Man it is difficult getting the terms correct in a sci-fi story that's origin is not your own.

I have read the first two books that are out for the series. Savage is from Ellora's Cave and Danger on XY One is from Ceridwyn Press. Speaking of night and day. Savage is an erotica book and is only about 70 pages long. Danger is more sci-fi based with minimal sex scenes that fade to black and it is over 200 pages long. I liked Danger on XY One better. It was better written.

So where does that leave my story that is more erotica? I hope that I can manage to bring a happy medium between the sex and the science. I will definitely need some assistance from the Y-City Writers.

It seems to help to take some time off from the story, so that I can go back and read it with a fresh eye. I am better able to catch mistakes in spelling, tense and the story line.

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