Sunday, March 23, 2008

Since my mind seems to overflow with ideas, I have been jotting down ideas. In fact, I have gathered a pile from the past ten years of ideas and started stories that need to be finished.

With this in mind, I am plodding along on Twilight Dance. I have been interspersing that with short stories and poetry. Recently, I have become inspired by a new erotica series. Since those ideas are so fresh in my mind, I have started that story. Hopefully the publisher of the series will be inspired by my story and publish it.

I will have to ask if anyone in the group will mind proofing it and offer a critique. I want the story to be published so I know it will need it.

I have started a series of shorts with the same character headlining them. So, Kim keep coming up with those challenges. Maybe, I will have a short story compilation to publish one year.

I have been practicing my poetry. Someday I will compile them together for my family.

I have, also, entered a couple of contests for poetry and some for short stories. Let's see where that gets me.

So while I have been switch hitting, I have been productive. -RS

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