Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On New Years Day in the wee hours, Ken and I received a surprise. Tied up on our porch was a beautiful white lab. Later that morning I took the dog for a walk hoping she would lead me to her home. She didn't. So, I took pictures of her and started preparing a flyer which I intended to hang up the following day, since night had fallen before I could finish. Well, I tried walking her again, still no luck. I came home to rest before taking the flyers out. I let the dogs out on their chains and the dogs owner saw her and claimed her.

Well, Friday night the owner asked if we wanted her. Ken said yes, because in the day we kept her he had fallen in love. All this is leading up to us now having 4 dogs and 2 cats. And to top it all off, Ken still wants a kitten, so in about a months time we will be new parents to a kitten, ala my sister's cat Twilight.

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