Monday, March 10, 2008

For my birthday last year, my wonderful hubby, Ken bought me a digital camera. I love my toy and use it often, much to the detriment of my pets. They really are tired of being my main subjects for my photography.

I was outside the night of the full moon eclipse, trying in vain to get a good picture. I could have gotten one had I had the foresight to dig out the tripod. My hands are just to shaky on a good day. Add in one digit temperature and I could not hold still.

To top it all off, when I moved away from the house to get a better view of the picture the dogs started barking. Then my husband started barking. No, not literally. He had been asleep and when he first gets up he is grouchy. He started ordering my to get back in the house. Now, I hate being ordered to do anything. Fortunately, for him the cold temperatures drove me back inside.

But I diverged from the original reason for this post. I added one of the pictures of the full moon eclipse to the header of this blog.

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