Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Five little kittens... My sister, finally, sent me pictures of Twilight's kittens. They are so very cute.

My husband wants a kitten that will pay attention to him, like my now deceased cats: Toma, Sunny and Cookie. I tried to explain to him that it is difficult to predict whom the kitten will respond to as it grows into a cat, but we will be getting another one. Now I am routing for the buff colored one. (It looks like Sunny) We will see whom we end up with when we actually meet them.

The kittens are a couple of weeks old now. They are starting to move around but haven't strayed from the area their mother put them in. Give them some time and they will be asserting their independence.

I am not sure how Dinny will react to a kitten in the house. He is so rambunctious that my two older cats stay out of his way. Though, I think Jewel antagonizes him. Maybe, that is her way of playing with the big galoot.-Rita

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