Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Trial and Tribulations of Writing

I love to write, however it does not always come easily for me. I struggle at times to write what the voice in my head wants. I, often, skid to a halt when writing. It's like something in me just shuts down and I can no longer translate the voice onto paper. Also, I am not a very good writer so it takes time to put the story together.

I envy those writers who seem to effortlessly spew out stories one after the other. There are many prolific writers out there, some even published. Though, I have many ideas and some of them even on paper, not many are finished. My head seems to flit from idea to idea which makes it difficult to focus on any one story.

I have decided to focus on Twilight Dance. I am going to write a couple of pages a day. I am going to submit my story to my writers group as I go along, taking to heart their critiques. I will make the proper adjustments and hopefully by the end of the year, I will have a manuscript ready for submission to publishers. Then I will sit back and wait for the rejection slips to come in so that I can paper my bathroom with them. (That is what Daniel Keyes did with his for Flowers For Algernon. I had the privilege of taking a creative writing course from this great author when I attended OU.) Laurell K. Hamilton said recently in a interview with Writers Digest that she partially papered a small room in her house before her first Anita Blake story found a publisher.

In conclusion, though I am not a good writer, I love to write and am ready to face all the trials and tribulations of the writing process including critiques and publishing rejections. -Rita

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