Monday, February 25, 2008

(left to right: Danny, Molly and Dinny)
I don't have the usual problems one might surmise by not having neutred my male and female dogs. In spite of the fact that my male Keeshond and female Beagle, Chow, Husky would make beautiful pups they have not procreated. No puppies from my 8 year old girl and my 6 year old boy.

I believe Molly having nursed a kitten when she was young has decided not to have any puppies. Is that possible? All I know for sure is that when she is in heat she either sits on it when the male approaches her or she does some role reversal, acting like she is the male.

My main problem is that my Danny looses interest in everything including his favorite snacks. He won't even go outside without her often resulting in accidents in the house. He, also, gets whiny and short tempered with my other male dog, who is fixed. Normally, the two males are the best of friends.

I love them all, but I am reconsidering fixing both of them. My husband calls it breaking instead of fixing. I am now see why it is called fixing. That is because it fixes things for the owners in more ways than one.


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