Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have been writing up a storm, though not necessarily on Twilight Dance this week. I have been responding to challenges given on Y-City Writers and from one of my writers group leaders. I am at least keeping my head in the game. I have also decided the direction to take Twilight Dance in and how it's going to end.

  1. Bad Luck from Good Luck or Good Luck from Bad Luck. (3-4 pgs)
  2. Write a 26 word sentence in alphabetical order using each letter from the alphabet.

I am not going to put my short story here, but I am going to include my sentence.

Here goes: Andrew Boyd Carey dines every Friday getting his innermost jollies keeping lamb mutton nimbly off plates quite remarkably successful tonight, until villagers with xanthochroid yelled zabaglione. -Rita

P.S. Xanthochroid means fair hair and light skin and zabaglione is a dessert.

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